Automating the Strategy:

We can help guide you through this process on the discord if you are having trouble

Disrupt Trading advises the use of a third party program called

Here, you can set up TradingView alerts to connect to either your MT4 or MT5 account.


So, every time a Strategy Alert pings, it will automatically open the trade for you, without you having to enter it yourself.


They have install videos and guides on their website, so please give them a watch.

This subscription is only $6 a month.

The Strategy Alert text you'll need to use is shown below:

{{strategy.market_position}} {{ticker}} q=0.3% sl={{plot_4}} tp={{plot_3}}

where Q=percentage risk.

Automating the strategy can really help when you're busy or sleeping!

It also helps with your trading psychology to stay disciplined.