Total Gain
Since 2017
Average Drawdown
Average Risk
to Reward
Profit Factor
Average Daily
For funding challenges...
10.5% average monthly gain.
8% Highest Drawdown.
Using our 3 best instruments on 0.75% risk.
This is how we help get you funded.
or much higher on a personal account.
Automated or Manual Trading.

Automatically have trades connect to your MT4/5 from TradingView. Automate signals from Telegram. Or choose to trade manually with your own discretion.

Built from 10+ indicators.

Made from a unique combination of momentum, volatility, trend, and volume indicators in order to get the best entries in the market. 

12 Customisable Options.

Adjustable options including Risk to Reward, Stoploss ATR, Sensitivity, and turning off various indicators within the algorithm.

Made to get funded.

With the rise in popularity of Prop Trading Firms at the heart of development, Disrupt Trading has made it possible for you to pass any challenge required with strict drawdown and high profitability.

The fully transparent trading algorithm to get you Funded.

Backed by Data, not Hype.
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The best Quantitative approach to Trading backed by Extensive AI and Human Testing since 2014.




  • Built for all timeframes, specialized for the 1 hour.
  • Adjustable for Scalpers, Intraday Traders and Swing Traders.

Pick the Best Strategy for You.

  • Adjustable Risk to Reward Ratios.


Customisable for all instruments.

  • Highly Profitable Settings built for 20+ Currency Pairs, Indices & Crypto.
  • Built in Stop Loss, Entry and Take Profit Levels based off instrument.
  • Alerts Pinged Straight to your Phone or Computer.

Backed by Science. No Bullshit.


  • Transparent results from the TradingView Backtester.
  • No deceiving visuals.
  • No more false hope.


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Risk: 1.3%
Net Profit: 222%
Total Trades: 289
Percent Profitable: 61%
Profit Factor: 1.997
Max Drawdown: 5.1%
Risk to Reward: 1.05

Backtested from January 2018.

GBPJPY 1H Backtest.png


Risk: 0.90%
Net Profit: 173%
Total Trades: 531
Percent Profitable: 45%
Profit Factor: 1.478
Max Drawdown: 5.2%
Risk to Reward: 1.4

Backtested from January 2018.

EURUSD 1H Backtest.png


Risk: 0.75%
Net Profit: 145%
Total Trades: 390
Percent Profitable: 51%
Profit Factor: 1.663
Max Drawdown: 5.6%
Risk to Reward: 1.56

Backtested from January 2018.

GBPUSD 1H Backtest.png


Risk: 2%
Net Profit: 492%
Total Trades: 289
Percent Profitable: 61%
Profit Factor: 2.014
Max Drawdown: 7.7%
Risk to Reward: 1.05

Backtested from January 2018.

GBPJPY 1H Backtest.png